gm look at this

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gm look at this

Post  gazbo111 on Mon Jun 13, 2011 7:42 pm

Ban Reason: Autoban for char pheonixxx (IP / Exceeding attackrange Block. Rebirths: 424 Damage Done: 315904534 Skill: 5221003 Total AP: 55043

that was the reason for my ban but it muxt ov been a bug im thinkin it was sayin i was hacking and all i did was atk a few times then i got kicked and its saying im banned now i have no cheat/hack programs on my computer so ino it wasnt a hack or a cheat this is a real gud game been voting a few weeks and i wud still like to play it ty for reading and plz get back to me.

p.s. i only posted here cus no1 checks the ban appels


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